Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Life Goes On, On or Off a Bike

I happened along the blog of the fiercest competitor I know in Jonny Bold and was shocked to learn he has hopped off the bike for the immediate future. Of course I can relate to his terribly mixed emotions. But something triggered an alarm in him to say stop. It may have been the crash, or it may have been the crash as an excuse. Either way, the motivation has stopped and the quest for it begins anew. It may not return.
His rhetorical question "...who gives a shit?" is what I can best relate to. Why was I spending hours alone on the road training, driving to races, and racing? For a sponsor? For my ego? For a mid-life crisis? For fun?
All I know is, I was acting extremely selfishly and was NOT racing for my family who didn't attend 1 race my best and final season of my career. So, I'm done, for now. But I admire, respect and applaud all those who are able to find the proper lifestyle balance and are riding and racing for fun. Please enjoy it, in part for me, and I hope to join you again, for fun.
In the meantime, my energy and wallet is focused on these 2. If nothing else, the ridiculous amount of driving throughout New England to races prepared me well for the same ridiculous amounts of driving to hockey games. Damn the cycling gods must be angry for handing me 2 goalies!