Monday, January 09, 2006

Aegis Bicycles

I signed on with Aegis Bicycles last week and will be racing their Proaxe, Victory, and Shaman at mountain, road, and cyclocross races respectively in 2006. These are handcrafted carbon fiber bikes made right here in Maine. I am psyched to represent an in-state manufacturer that delivers top-notch products that will surely give me an advantage over my competitors. It means so much more to ride for a company you believe in and can relate to. I hope it means the difference in every sprint finish.
Check out their website:


I just completed my first week of training for the upcoming bike racing season. What looked easy on paper last week hit me today with the reality that I was actually working. My heartrate this morning was 10 beats higher than normal after a night of hockey. I am glad to know I have a coach to help me gauge how I'm feeling and create workouts accordingly. I've trained blindly for too long. I expect good things this year, especially since thsi is the earliest I have ever begun training for a season!

Christmas re-cap

The holiday week was a blast and the kids made it extremely enjoyable yet tiring. Trucks and Lego stuff were the big hits per usual.
I got some practical gifts and am pleased with them all. New workout gear was a must because the wife said I looked cheesy in NASCAR t-shirts or lacrosse tank tops.
The most practical gift was this pair of LLBean slip-ons. I highly recommend them as the perfect shoe for anything you do in Maine. I would go so far as to say I think they should be the state shoe! They're perfect for working at the rink and dealing with the weather which changes every hour.


I'm new to this blog stuff, so bear with me. It seems to me as though most blogs are about people's daily lives whether they're interesting or not. The approach I'm going to take with this is to post when I feel like I have something to say which may pertinent to others. That's not to say I'll only post important stuff, I'm just going to put some stuff out there and folks can take it or leave it.